Farmers Market Student Volunteer Program (FMSVP)

If you are an active student/college student and your school /college has a program to gain credit for community volunteering or you are interested in volunteering your time, please consider the market as an ideal place to be helpful. If you have any questions, please email iafcloans com au

Volunteer Credits

Gain volunteer community credits while volunteering at YNFM

College Recommendation Letter

Receive college recommendation letter for our community services journey


Be rewarded & recognized for your active community efforts



Be a positive school citizen

Caring & Considerate

Demonstrated caring and considerate attitude towards others and members

Good Student

No school office discipline referrals

For community services to be awarded student volunteers must meet or exceed 50 to 200 community service hours based upon their high school grade level. Community maid services hours at, Colorado accumulate each year. Hours completed in one year will be counted towards the qualification level of the next year.
  • Freshman – 50 volunteer hours
  • Sophomore – 100 volunteer hours
  • Junior – 150 volunteer hours
  • Senior – 200 volunteer hours
The student-volunteer will NOT receive any payment for community service hours.

In order to receive your volunteer credit & recommendation letter, you must submit a written 250 words minimum summary in double-spaced essay format regarding the educational value and/or the impactful insights that you have realized through your volunteer experience with Your Neighborhood Farmers Market Association. Students-volunteers are encouraged to write this summary themselves; however, they may use an advocate to help them prepare it.

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